Tlinx酒吧 @电音主题派对 有被昨天的T·linx迷倒吗?

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很久没听到由衷 “Oh...Amazing” 的感叹了

 I haven't heard the heartfelt sigh for a long time 也偶有人感慨 在温州 没有体验到真正的派对 Sometimes people feel it In Wenzhou No real party experience

Painting Pool T博士携手Sexy Queen 带来了这场史无前例的互动式派对 

T and Sexy Queen This is an unprecedented interactive party  

这场能让你全身心投入 忘乎时间的顶级派对 好像将梦幻里的玩乐照进了现实 T博士用Painting Pool 诠释了 真正的疯狂

 This is the best party you can forget about time It's like putting the fun in the dream into reality T explains the real madness with painting pool


这是真正的派对 沉浸、投入、尖叫、放纵 这也是温州从未有过的顶级派对 更是温州从未染上的缤纷色彩 

This is a real party Immerse, engage, scream, indulge This is also the top party in Wenzhou What's more Wenzhou has never been dyed with colorful colors  

你有多久没有像儿时一样 剔除工作的烦恼 摒弃生活的压力 浑身湿透地尽情舞蹈了?

 How long have you not been like a child Get rid of the troubles of work Get rid of the pressure of life All wet and dancing?  

来T博士的Painting Pool吧! 这场为你而下的彩虹雨 将洗尽铅华 抹除所有的疲惫与不堪

 Come to T's painting pool! This rainbow rain for you Will wash away the lead Wipe out all the fatigue and unbearable  

如果有DJ可以一上台 就得到最热烈的掌声与欢呼 那他一定是马丁 如果有团队可以一上台 就得到全场最挚烈的尖叫与呐喊 那她们一定是Sexy Queen

 If there is a DJ he can get the warmest applause and cheers as soon as he comes on stage Then he must be Martin If there is a team you can get the most sincere screams and shouts So they must be Sexy Queen  

当女王们的专属BGM响起 便是派对开启畅享的号角

 When the Queen's exclusive BGM rings It's the clarion call for the party to enjoy 当我们身处T博士的疯狂实验室 当我们的心中 只剩下玩乐与追逐自由的呐喊 When we were in T's crazy lab When our hearts It's all about fun and freedom

T博士敢保证 下一次迎接日出的梦里 必定回味着儿时的甘甜

 T can guarantee it In the dream of the next sunrise Must taste the sweetness of childhood

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