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ON MAY 20 TH # Flash Mob Lover 520 Review #


每个有关浪漫的节日 不过是在提醒你要学会表达爱意

 Every romantic holiday It's just reminding you to learn to express love  

鲜花、美酒、快闪心动墙,现场满载浓情蜜意 520,PLUS BOX 不许你羡慕别人 其他人有的你也一定要有,心动配对快快行动起来

 Flowers, wine, and a flashing heartbeat wall, the scene is full of love and affection 520, PLUS BOX don’t allow you to envy others You must have what other people have, and your heartbeats are matched and act quickly.  

被加上粉红滤镜的夜晚,到处弥漫着暧昧的气息 在音乐与酒精同时上头的时刻 邂逅与相拥你

 The night with the pink filter is filled with ambiguous atmosphere When music and alcohol are on top at the same time Encounter and embrace you  

流淌在血液里的浪漫主义因子 使全场RAVER的恋爱情绪得以释放 一起将狂欢推向高潮

 The romantic factor flowing in the blood Let the love emotions of RAVER in the audience be released Push the carnival to a climax together  

每一处 “不经意” 的准备 当激情与暧昧在节奏中相遇 搭配甜蜜的氛围、美酒让情绪升温 你就是这场派对最甜蜜的主角

 Every "inadvertent" preparation When passion and ambiguity meet in rhythm Pair with a sweet atmosphere and good wine to warm up the mood You are the sweetest protagonist of this party  

520,放肆、勇敢的去爱,在这一个浪漫与暧昧的时光 放肆的追逐,放肆的快乐 PLUS BOX 永远是你的伊甸园 

520, to love presumptuously and bravely, in this romantic and ambiguous time Presumptuous chase, presumptuous happiness PLUS BOX will always be your Garden of Eden

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